Who is getting our £17 million? More USFM chaos

A really quick blog just to highlight once again the chaos behind the scenes with all things Universal Free School Meals.

Back in December I blogged about the DfE spending £17 million promoting the School Food Plan. There were two main issues, firstly that the SFP contains contrary recommendations to the current government policy. At no point does the report broach the idea of singling out infants to receive UFSM, which is the flagship policy announced by Nick Clegg. Secondary is the figure of £17 million seems quite a lot of money to spend over two years promoting the SFP. Just to give some perspective,  it equates to £1000 for every junior school in the country

As you can see, the tender process was supposed to have finished in January with the winners hearing on the 14th of February, so they can start the contracts, tomorrow (24th February 2014)  but to date there has been no announcement of any winners.
Obviously with the key policy of UFSM for all infants supposedly starting in September, time of off the essence, which makes the fact we have not had any announcements on the subject all the more intriguing. No PR spin on this whatsoever, not a dicky bird by the winners of the 3 contracts, no public announcements, no lib dems crowing about how their policy is moving forward, nothing. 
Now I fully accept there could be many reasons for not publishing the winners of an open public tender, but I am at a loss to think of any that don’t involve ineptitude somewhere along the line. (i equally accept it may be my ineptitude and that all my searches just missed it? but i have done lots and lots and lots)
Lets remember these people are supposed to start work tomorrow morning on behalf of us, the tax payer, yet no one seems to have a clue who they are.
How long can the DfE keep this quiet. What are they hiding? Will anyone actually start working on these projects in the morning?
Come one DfE, spit it out!

2 thoughts on “Who is getting our £17 million? More USFM chaos

  1. This is one of the most dismaying aspects of privatisation of all kinds – the suspicion that something fishy is going on in allocating contracts. At least G4S hasn’t got it – has it? .

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